There’s a Place for you at Holy Cross!

Marks of discipleship. 7 faith practices of the Lutheran Church
Toms River, Ocean County, New Jersey, NJ


    • The Lutheran Church is known for worship services which center around the Word of God and fine musical tradition expressing the faith in the language of the people.
    • The Lutheran Church stresses education and provides a strong catechetical program for youth.
    • The Lutheran Church is a worldwide fellowship with a strong mission and service ministry to all people.
    • The faith of the Lutheran Church is grounded in Holy Scripture the creeds and confessions of the church: a faith which finds stability in often chaotic and troubling times.
    • The organization and services of the Lutheran Church are flexible to meet the changing needs of the people and to proclaim the unchanging love of God in Christ.
    • The central teaching of The Lutheran Church is the joy of reconciliation between God and people, people and their neighbors through the gracious love of GOD in Christ given as a gift.
    • The Lutheran Church does not legislate moral conduct, but seeks the motivation of Christ’s love to help us discover the appropriate shape of love for our neighbors.
    • The Lutheran Church is a sacramental church stressing Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as a means of God’s grace and Holy Spirit.
Worship Services

Liturgy of the Word and Sacrament

September-May: Saturday Evening, 5:30pm; Sunday Morning, 9am & 10:45am
Sunday School from September to May.

June, July, August: Saturday, 5:30pm; Sunday, 10:00am
Holy Cross has Family of God, Contemporary, and Intergenerational services.



A soundproofed cry room is available in the back of the church for those families that wish to make use of it.

Everyone is invited to a coffee hour after services. If you have any special needs, please advise an usher prior to the beginning of the service or call the church office.

Sunday School from September to May. Sunday morning nursery is available during the 9am service from September through May.

More Information

If you would like additional information on our ministries and outreach programs or want to be contacted by the Pastor, please call or contact us: